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SoundRise Hotel
  • SoundRise Hotel

    Compatible with any A2DP Bluetooth devices, the SoundRise Hotel is a bedroom speaker that complements a modern lifestyle. Guests can enjoy their favorite music or podcasts streaming wirelessly via Bluetooth while getting ready to go out or watching a movie from their tablet while laying in bed. The SoundRise Hotel is packed with smart features, like automatic Daylight Savings Time updates, freeing you from having to manually update the clock in every room. In addition, the upright design and small footprint means it won’t take up valuable space on the nightstand.

    • Features

      • Two fast-charging 2.1 Amp USB ports located on top
      • Bluetooth wireless audio playback
      • Attached 3.5mm line-in cable on rear and FM Radio
      • Automatic Daylight Savings Time updates
      • Easy-to-use single alarm with sliding switch
      • Security lanyard and PSU security guard
      • Display dimmer on the SNOOZE/DIMMER bar
      • Small footprint, ideal for the nightstand
      • Back-up battery
      • Max volume limited
      • The minimalist and contemporary design fits most decor
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