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Porthole UK & International Power and USB Charging
  • Porthole UK & International Power and USB Charging

    This new version of Porthole has been designed to support a range of UK and international sockets and comes complete with integral 4A USB power supply. The 2 port USB power supply is capable of charging all leading mobile phones and tablets, it is designed to share the power when two devices are connected but can deliver a maximum 4A to a single USB socket when only one device is connected.

    • Features

      • Fits in a standard 80mm grommet hole
      • Supports a range of international sockets
      • Choice of Twin port Type A & Type C USB Charger or Twin port 4A USB Charger
      • Designed to deflect spillages
      • Compact dimensions
      • Available in three colours, Black White & Grey with matching surround
      • Supplied with 1m mains lead to 3-pole connector
      • BS5733 - General requirements for electrical accessories
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