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iHome HW4

iHome HW4

The HW4 is the ideal charging solution for today’s hotel guests. This bedside alarm clock features Qi wireless charging on top, dual 2.4A charging in front and wireless audio streaming via bluetooth. 

  • Features

    • Factory pre-set clock
    • DST switch to automatically or manually adjust clock at start and end of Daylight Saving Time
    • Single day alarm so guests only wake to alarms they set
    • Wake to Bluetooth audio or built-in tones
    • Sure Alarm battery backup sounds alarm even when power fails
    • Stream Bluetooth audio wirelessly from Bluetooth-enabled devices
    • Qi wireless charging pad for compatible devices such as new Apple iPhone X and iPhone 8/ 8 Plus, Samsung Galaxy 8 and more
    • 2x 2.4 amp USB ports for rapid charging of mobile devices
    • Stereo speakers in Reson8® chambers for room filling sound
    • Volume limiter switch to adjust for large and small rooms
    • Single day display dimmer with 8 brightness levels
    • Printed instructions on cabinet for easy guest alarm setting
    • 100V - 240V universal AC adapter included
    • Security lanyard
    • Single day alarm
    • Pre-set clock
    • Accessible USB charging sockets
    • Display dimmer button
    • DTS Switch for automatic daylight-saving time adjustment
    • Printed instructions on top of unit for ease of use
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