iHome HT160

iHome HT160

The iHome HT160 Hotel is a compact USB charger and alarm clock. With simple-set instructions printed on the top of the clock, guests will be able to use it with ease while still having space on the nightstand. The "Gentle Wake" feature uses gently ascending alarm volume while the single-day alarm ensures guests are not woken by previously set alarms.

  • Features

    • Single-day alarm feature prevents unwanted alarms from sounding
    • 2.1A USB charging port perfect for mobile devices
    • Easy-to-set alarm with printed instructions on cabinet
    • Sure Alarm battery backup maintains clock setting and ensures alarm sounds even if there is a power failure
    • Gentle Wake peacefully wakes you with gently ascending alarm volume
    • Time and date are preset at the factory
    • +1/-1 hour Summertime adjustment switch
    • Snooze button controls 8 levels of display brightness
    • 12- or 24-hour time display modes
    • Back cover prevents tampering with time settings
    • Multi-function backlit negative LCD display with adjustable brightness


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